Neeladri Bije: Back to Sanctum Sanctorum Friday, Jul 31, 2015

'Traids' return to Shreemandira, completing their 9 day sojourn during Chariot Festival. Their return to the Sanctum Sanctorum (Bejeweled Throne) is named 'Neeladri Bije'. The deities are taken in 'Goti Pahandi'(Single Procession) to the 'Ratna Sinhasana'(Bejeweled Throne).

In the temple, ritulas such as 'Mangala Alati', 'Mailama', 'Tadapa Lagi', 'Abakash', 'Besha' and 'Gopal Ballabh Dhupa' are performed in the day time. Then follows 'Madhyahna Dhupa' (Noon meal) after 'Sakala Dhupa', 'Mailama', 'Mahasnana' and 'Besha' etc. After 'Sandhya Alati', the chariots are connected with 'Chara'(Ramp) to facilitate the procession of the deities. Before the procession, 'Sinhasana Majana' and 'Puspanjali' (flower offering) are also performed. Afterwards, the idols are placed perfectly on the 'Bejeweled Throne'. The process is said 'Rundha'.

'Rasagulla' is offered here as a ritual to pacify the anger of Devi Mahalaxmi. It is an opportunity for the devotees to offer 'Rasagulla' to the Deities.

This is the entry of the Deities to the temple after an interval of some days. And then, 'Mahaprasad' is prepared in the temple as usual. This is popularly known as 'Neelachala Abadha'. 

Source :I & PR Department